Panning: Photography & Stuff Weekly by Ramon and Jovelle

“I think adventure is anything that puts us outside our comfort zone.” Cory Richards 

Creative chums creating creations: 

Alexa and Ryan recently revamped Bitcoin’s header. Colleen helped produce this fun World Cup game with the New York Times.  Marisa made this rad wave painting. Alex finished his people tracker for the SLO-Op climbing gymThe folks of Fly Over Me are back in Valentine, NE for another summer of documenting rural life in America. Rico made this film about a Rutgers alum/local taxidermist. Jen and Derek launched their road trip site, Jenerek

We were not very good at this game.

We were not very good at this game.

Take a look at:

Matt Eich and his beautiful family portrait. Cory Richards and the “richness that comes with struggle” in “A Tribute to Discomfort.” Why David Brooks thinks learning is not easy. The Capozziello bros.

Where the laid-off 28 Chicago Sun-Times staff ‘togs are now. An extended “Dear Young Photographer” by Melissa Lyttle.

The extreme-ness of Jimmy Chin. Camp 4 Collective’s capture of Alex Honnold’s epic-ness. Paris Gore's World Cup gear list, and Sven Martin's much more in depth and superior gear list. 

Why looking at wedding photography sucks. Why photography might be killing you (but seriously, be careful). How Douglas Gautraud’s mom acquired a motorcycle. The joys of competitive panning with Fraser Britton. Dan Winters’ creative space. “I'm going to do it my way AND your way”: how Alexis Cuarezma shot simultaneously with two different lighting setups. Who’s banned from entering Nat Geo’s Traveler photo contest: residents of Syria, Cuba, Sudan, North Korea, Iran...and New Jersey

A moving photography project by women, for women — the Inge Morath Truck Project. Mr. Davis on photographic voiceKitra Cahana's talk on the vagabond lifestyle. Instagram’s new editing capabilities (we gave ’em a go but will still be using VSCO and Snapseed).

Newly published Vivian Maier photographs! Japan's disposable workersRecords on records on more records. Why go to the real beach when you can go to the fake beach? Meet Slomo. The unique, fading lifestyle found in Tangier Island, VA by Kate Kilpatrick and Ian C. Bates.

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This is called “panning” because we love photography puns...and frying pans.  We’ll leave you with this: