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Not-so-breaking news: Ramon and Jovelle have bid “adieu” to SLO-town and are now Seattelites! We neglected MP for a hot minute to deal with moving and other life duties, but you’ll see a lot more of us now that we’re mostly settled in. To compensate for our absence, we bring you a loaded rendition of Panning and, in the next few weeks, interviews with cool, creative folk. Thanks for looking!



Babita and the folks of View Finder Workshop are hosting a gallery show in NY tonight (Sept. 23) for beautiful photographs by children in Kenya who hadn’t ever held a camera before. Cousin Mikey is running a September print sale to fund his cross-country move. Send him a shout for some discounted images! Our SLO-based Instafriend Jaymie Shearer (@jmeshe) has launched her project Mug Life on Kickstarter, with “the hope of inspiring and reminding people of the power of community and how it can be created with something as simple as a mug.” Handmade Portland Wallets by our photo editor-successor, Keith. So stoked for Shirley Yu, who won first place in PDN’s The Look student/debut category!

A screen grab of Jaymie’s “Mug Life” video on Kickstarter.

A screen grab of Jaymie’s “Mug Life” video on Kickstarter.


Sisay and his spine, with photos by Andrew Dickinson. Nick Oza’s moving coverage of the facets of U.S. immigration reform. Looking At Appalachia, a beautiful project examining America fifty years after the declaration of the War on Poverty, is accepting submissions until the end of the year. The Women of West Point, with photographs by Damon Winter. Mary Calvert’s essay on homeless female veterans who experienced sexual assault while in the military. Atlantic City residents react to casino closings. The effect of rising sea levels in Kiribati. Zac Davis photographed the changing face of Rainier Beach in Seattle

An astronaut captures the ridonkulous shadows clouds make. Take a peep at Paris Gore’s Deep Summer slideshow from this year’s Crankworx in BC (And here’s a little BTS). 


Today we official bid “adieu” to those hot summer days. James Estrin on how photographers capture heat.

Legendary photographer John H. White on his life’s work. Chicago photojournalist Scott Strazzante is now a SF/Bay Area photojournalist. Listen to Scott’s take on mobile photography, the photo industry, his approach and more. 

Songs inspired by photography

Illustrator Wendy MacNaughton on how really listening to strangers changed her approach and understanding of her art

On the “stuff” end of “photography and stuff,” listen to this painfully relevant-to-our-lives TAL episode: Fear of Sleep


How to kill yourself creatively: great words for visual journalists and all creatives by Brittany Greeson. Confessions of Aaron Lavinsky, a colorblind photographer (and a fellow PNW-er!).

The value of self-publishing. How Blink.la, a networking platform for photographers and editors, can change how the industry works. Pete Muller, who’s covered men and masculinity, encourages men to be better in this interview with Ochre. This is how storyteller extraordinaire Ira Glass works.

Dawoud Bey on photographing the president. Steve McCurry on conflict photography, his iconic Afghan girl photograph, late journalist James Foley, and whether photographs are worth risking your life for. An interview with conflict photographer Louie Palu. When it comes to graphic coverage of a tragedy like the recent Malaysia Airlines crash, where do newsrooms draw the line? A viewpoint on the media presence in Ferguson, MO

A critical take on Humans of New York. And a guy pretending to be HONY

Journalists share: what’s your plan B?  


When you give a monkey a camera and that monkey takes a photo, who owns copyright? Share this helpful photo usage chart with everyone.

Design contest? Or a big company trying to rip off artists?  Getty Images sues Microsoft for embeddable image widget. 


TIME LightBox: PJL September 2014 (Part 1)

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