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“A photographer once told me, about 13 years ago, that photography does not change anything. I have been trying to prove that photographer wrong ever since. Photography is a wonderful way of showing, of expressing, of seeing, it’s how we have always been gathering information and learning.” - Ruddy Roye

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Take a whiff of Dan Bracaglia’s Handful of Panties. The Fly Over Me Valentine folks took over The American Guide Instagram. Sasithon shot this super sweet photo essay as part of a workshop with Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb. Marisa Kang was featured in the Boston Globe for her work in the rising cultural hub of Portsmouth, NH. Kent Nishimura is currently interning for The Denver Post and had some nice pretty images run big and in color. Nancy Musinguzi is Youthprise’s first Artist in Residence. 

Take a Look At:

The amazing Ruddy Roye on Instagram activismMelissa Golden needed to set the record straight about the nature of one of her shoots. Revisiting this Melissa Lyttle interview. Brian Storm of Mediastorm on why you'll never master multimediaBruce Weber prefers his work to stand for him. Bill Eppridge on taking criticism, Amy Toensing on leaving your comfort zone as a photographer, and Maggie Steber and Lynn Johnson on being a woman photographer

Rachel Maves is DRAWING A Photo a Day! Spanish photojournalists will launch a multimedia publication to provide a platform for “stories obscured by the headline-of-the-moment.” Help track down the stories behind Grandpa’s Photos. These people are soo over selfies. This is the result of migrants photographing their own trek across the Guatemala-Mexico border. David Guttenfelder is a photographer and explorer. Jovelle once attended a Fabien Cousteau talk once and can verify that he’s just as fantastic in person as he is in this sweet multimedia feature by TIME.  Greg Hindy walked 9,000 miles across the country in silence (!) with a map and a large-format film camera. 



A short film about passion and success in the true story of Thailand’s Panyee FC. Airdog will change in the way athletes shoot selfies. Learn the ins and outs of copyright with Photoshelter. For those of you planning a road trip, or perhaps in need of a detour from your current highway blues, Outside has you covered. Climber Alex Honnold reminds us all to Live True, but not necessarily with a scotch in hand.

We want to watch: Everybody Street, a film by Cheryl Dunn on NY’s greatest street photographers.


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